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Casino Bellini Online Casino elegance more trendy of web

When it was presented at the CAC Amsterdam 2007, Playtech there ads that Casino Bellini would have been a Top Online Casino and for demanding people.

I must say that when I saw in opera were all amazed by its innovative graphics with custom, both games all in appearance and in promotions.

Well after its online, confirmed expectations, becoming a mainstay of Playtech's Online Casino.

Casino Bellini takes you in a luxurious and at the same time young and bright, has a speed of awesome game, a new graphics and endearing, a virtual reality that makes you forget to be at home.

For the first visit on Bellini our advice to sit comfortably, relax with a glass of champagne and visit the most sophisticated casino software online now and the most high bonuses and jackpots online.

Try your luck with a shot in the slot machines, or excavation roulette while observed the lights of the city below.

At Casino Bellini, finally on the web to play casino has a whole new taste.

Designed and built using the most gaming platforms all Vanguard by Playtech, who already has won numerous awards in the field of production of software for online gambling, Casino bellini will ensure a rich and exciting gaming experience.

Casino Bellini something very different from online casinos offered so far in the network.

Over 300 selected games, including classic card games, Slots, table games and a whole new set of Oriental, live games and arcade to collect for every type of player.

New Live Casino live casino games

Play online casino games at home against the computer an exciting experience with regard to Slots, Video Poker and Video Slots.

For other games such as Roulette or Blackjack, Casino Bellini has decided to make your experience truly unique, with the Live Casino.

It allows you to play live Video Chat with real live dealers that run the ball in the Roulette wheel is real or blend a real deck of cards and give the real cards in Blackjack.

The Live Casino was recently renovated, with significant improvements to lighting, HD streaming, best shots and all new furnishings.

The Casino Live games of Casino Bellini the more near a land Casino you can get without leaving home.

Most importantly, roulette and blackjack tables to find a new team of excellent professionals.

Bonuses and promotions

If you are looking for the best bonus games, most recent payouts pi fast and a true VIP experience, you won't find anything better than Casino Bellini.

Casino Bellini offers double your deposit when you start playing, attending the Bellini you can accumulate Comp points and VIP players by increasing your privileges and your earnings.

Casino Bellini offers exclusive weekly promotions and many generous bonuses.

Assistance to Players

and a customer service professional, kind and of course entirely in Italian.

At Casino Bellini, you can play in your own language (or another favorite), and enjoy the VIP treatment and assistance with your Personal Manager in Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian ...

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